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Tachograph management

Today's travels led to Bradford and a couple of restricted operators I look after. Whilst there, I struck up a conversation with another operator tipping a load at my client's base.

In short, this gent isn't currently doing any analysis of tachograph or driver card data, although he is (by and large) sticking to the rules on downloading the VU and cards within the 90 and 28 day respective deadlines. He was under the impression that the downloading of data was just for DVSA if they ever paid a visit....

He asked what he was expected to do with 'tacho analysis' and I stated that the basics revolve around managing the following:

1) Driver's hours - rests, daily rests and weekly rests. Also correct mode switch selection and evidencing the daily vehicle checks.

2) Working Time Directive compliance, the '6 hour rule' and 48 hour average, reference period and 60 hour weekly maximum.

3) Identifying missing vehicle mileage, addressing the reasons and reducing unaccounted mileage, correct use of 'out of scope' and the law around yard shunting and non-commercial driving. In-house policies around issues as speeding and harsh driving also come into the mix sooner or later on the back of this.

These are the basics.....and the bloke looked shellacked! Panicky.....

Bearing in mind that I did explain that as a restricted licence holder himself, he should have these systems in place and someone designated to manage them on an ongoing basis. The conversation closed with the usual ''if you need help or get stuck, give me a ring''

Therein lies the problem, many restricted licence operators are simply not aware of what they are required to do to manage their O-licence, and are on the slippery slope that leads to a certain building in Harehills, Leeds!

Government advice on the regulations is readily available online to download and read on your phone at your convenience, but making this a reality can be confusing and time-consuming.

Everyone who ends up at a Public Inquiry hearing thought they were 'OK'....until they got the letter.

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