Restricted O-Licence Services

Transport may not the main part of your business, but it is ours.


We have a proved tract record of assisting many 'own account' operators, some of whom have come to the attention of the DVSA or been called to a public inquiry. The trucks may not be the primary focus of your business,

but your compliance will still be measured as it would for a haulage firm, regardless of size.

Traffic Commissioners are now looking closely at restricted licence operators,

and we've worked with many recently to help them steer clear of the regulators

and take the transport side of their businesses to the next level.

Prices for managing fleets for restricted operator licences depend upon the scope of work

required and size of fleet, so call or email for a quote today!


You don't have to commit to a monthly contract to benefit from our expertise, with services on offer on an occasional or one-off basis. 







Many operators require extra help from time to time. Keeping a transport operation legal is a day-to-day effort, and it's easy to let small errors multiply and lead to potentially serious problems that could jeopardize your business. 

A fresh pair of eyes could help you considerably, whether you need help keeping on top of managing a large fleet or the Transport Manager needs some support. If you have particular issues such as a low MOT pass rate, prohibition notices or are awaiting a DVSA site visit, we can assist you.

Consultancy rates

Site visits:             Day rate -  £250.00

                                (up to 8hrs)

                              Half Day - £140.00

                                (up to 4hrs)

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