DVSA visits & Compliance Audits

Why have an audit?


An independent assessment of how effectively you're complying with

operator licensing rules is never a bad idea. However, you may have

been instructed to do this by the Traffic Commissioner, or have been

told that you may soon be visited by DVSA.

A DVSA audit is invariably stressful, and may lead to having to appear

before the Traffic Commissioner to face regulatory action.


It's always best to be proactive and seek practical help beforehand,

keeping you that one vital step ahead and protecting your business.

Our audits are the product of substantial experience in the field working with transport companies and independent professionals, as well as dealing with DVSA enforcement. The aim being to improve working practices and protect the operator license in the long term. 

What happens on DVSA visits?

DVSA enforcement teams typically make a visit to your operating centre following a roadside encounter, desk-based assessment or change in your OCRS score. They will check your systems for compliance with the legislation governing goods vehicles and that the fleet is being properly maintained.

DVSA enforcement teams conducting operator visits typically comprise Traffic examiners, who audit tachograph and compliance records, and/or vehicle examiners who are mechanically trained and inspect the vehicles. No two visits are the same as they depend upon the merits of the situation, but the officers will follow guidelines and audit your records according to a set format, and complete a report of their findings, which you will get a copy of.

It is what you as an operator do at that point that really matters, although if your records and systems do not meet a certain standard, you can expect to be called to Public Inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner and your business may be in jeopardy.

Full Systems Audit
We offer a comprehensive audit of your systems and associated paperwork which includes:
  • A unique 200+ point audit, based upon actual enforcement experience, tailored to your requirements.
  • A full report on the findings within 7 days, with recommendations for immediate and ongoing improvement.
  • Advice on forming an action plan to manage improvement in the longer term. 
  • Help you demonstrate your improved level of compliance to the Traffic Commissioner.
​The process is entirely confidential and the report will become your property when completed. 
The audit can typically take anything from a few hours to a full day or more depending upon the size of your operation and availability of documentation. 
Prices for a full systems audit and report typically start from £395.00 and are dependent upon the scope of the audit, size of your fleet and your location.
Call or email today to find out more or obtain a customized quote. (No VAT charged)

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