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Bradford CAZ - Exemptions

Exemptions are available for the CAZ for businesses and SME's based in the Bradford area.

Full details are available on the Bradford Council website, however, here's a summary of what you will need before applying:

  • Scanned copies of the vehicle registration documents (V5c) for vehicles to be exempted (you're allowed up to 3)

  • Proof of business registration (companies house or financial statement) and latest accounts summary from your accountant/tax agent.

  • Proof of payment of business rates to the relevant authority (i.e. Bradford Council)

Without all of these, your application for exemption will flounder into a cycle of 'email tennis' with the council, which can be frustrating as I have dealt with more than one worker for the same case, and they have a habit of confusing themselves!

This post may be late in the day for the deadline, so this is a reflective post to clarify for those already with an exemption underway really.

Good luck!


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