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Safety inspections & Covid-19

The current Covid-19 crisis has unfortunately given rise to more myths than ancient Greece as far as road transport is concerned!

DVSA have effectively extended MOT deadlines for 3 months, that's old news. But what about preventative maintenance?

Have our 6-weekly's become 9-weekly's? Are there exemptions?

Misinformation abounds so let's round up the latest government 'guidance on PMI's...

All HGV operators MUST have their vehicles inspected in line with the existing schedule (i.e. what the wording on your o-licence stipulates) UNLESS you fall into the 'essential' category, which comprises those involved with the carriage of food, non-food (personal care & household paper and cleaning) door to door refuse collection and disposal, health services and pharmaceuticals.

If you are certain you fall into this category (please be certain!) then you can extend your PMI intervals up to 50% to a maximum of 17 weeks, IF you cannot get the vehicle inspected in the normal manner. In this case, you would be well advised to get written confirmation from the maintenance provider that this is the case AND unavoidable. Then make alternative arrangements, such as use another provider, mobile mechanic etc.

You don't need a written contract with the temporary provider BUT you should update your licence with their details via the VOL (self service) system. When things return to normal (fingers crossed, but breath not held!) back to business as usual and update your records/planner.

If you have a specific undertaking attached yo your licence (e.g. roller brake tests with every PMI) then this is STILL the case, if the temporary provider can't do this then the onus is on you to get it done elsewhere.

Suffice to say, if you VOR vehicles due to a temporary downturn in business, you can depart from the maintenance schedule BUT must have the units inspected before being pressed back into service if this is the case.

For the full, updated guidance follow this link;

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