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Volumetric Concrete mixers

From 1st September this year, volumetric concrete mixers will be subject to O-licensing. This means they will be required to adhere to EU drivers hours rules and mobile working time regulations, recorded on a tachograph.

No longer classed as plant but goods vehicles, mobile concrete batching plants (MCBP's) have been included in goods vehicle annual testing since May, The results of annual tests will have implications for the operator's licence via the OCRS system as they do for other LGV's, and therefore how operators of MCBP's are targeted by enforcement agencies.

Perhaps the biggest change will be to the weight limits previously enjoyed by these vehicles, which historically have run at around 20% above C&U regulations applied to 'regular' HGV's. A temporary arrangement has been agreed for operators granted a VSO - vehicle special order for each applicable vehicle they operate, in place until 31st March 2028 to allow for phasing-out of these vehicles after a reasonable lifespan. This will permit MCBP's to run up to 21.6 tonnes for 2-axle rigids, 31 tonnes for 3-axle and 38.4 tonnes for 4-axles. Consideration is also being given to a 5-axle design up to 44 tonnes GVW, limited to 6 tonnes/meter of the wheelbase. This would also entail an amendment to current Special Types General Order (STGO) 2003 legislation and would require speed limits of 40mph on single carriageways, 50mph on dual carriageways and 60mph on motorways.

If you are currently operating MCBP's and feel you are 'caught cold' by the regulatory changes this year, contact us today for assistance in the transition to O licensing.

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