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Trailer registration scheme for EU journeys

The Government has released documents regarding the Trailer Registration Regulations, proposed to reduce the risk of UK trailers being targeted by enforcement agencies in EU countries post Brexit. The consultation stage has concluded and the aim is for the scheme to go live late in 2018.

The scheme is aimed only at operators taking trailers to Europe, domestic journeys and those to Ireland can register voluntarily. Compulsory registration applies to commercial trailers weighing over 750kg and non commercial trailers weighing over 3500kgs. (gross weight or maximum permissible mass, and the unladen weight will be recorded on the trailer registration document.)

Applications for registration can be made online or by phone. A trailer registration plate will be issued and will need to be displayed, in addition to the registration plate of the towing vehicle. Penalties for non-compliance will be a £100 fixed penalty but sanctions may be as high as 1000 Euros abroad, along with delays associated with enforcement action on the European mainland.

The documents can be viewed individually by following this link:

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