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The risks of a Restricted Licence

If you move your own goods without hire and reward, and transport is not your main business then it's likely you hold a Restricted Operator's Licence. Manufacturers moving their own products, scaffolding companies and some skip hire firms to name a few.

This may seem favourable in that the requirement for financial standing is almost half that of a standard licence, and there is no legal requirement to appoint a professionally competent transport manager.

However, the level of compliance expected from the Traffic Commissioner is still the same, as are the penalties for breaching the undertakings of your licence! This applies to single vehicle operations as it does to companies running hundreds of trucks.

Whilst being preoccupied with running the business it's easy to take your eyes off all of your legal responsibilities as an O-licence holder, and therein lies the danger....

Having worked with many restricted licence holders in the past we know where to look for the tell-tale signs all is not quite as it should be, posing a risk to your business. We also know how to quickly put it right. This can be achieved as a standalone compliance audit and report of recommendations, or ongoing assistance on a consultancy basis, both competitively priced with no compromise made on quality and detail.

Call or email us today to find out more!

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