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Driver CPC changes

A review by the EU commission has decreed a change to driver CPC to be approved by JAUPT and monitored by DVSA.

This means drivers will not be allowed to repeat the same modules within a 5 year cycle of training. Companies allowing repeated training of the same module will have to justify their actions or have a case to answer with the Traffic Commissioner.

Training providers will also have to raise their game, developing a greater scope of relevant training modules to tailor these to driver and operator requirements. The traffic commissioner's office has released the following statement;

“Driver CPC training should either be varied or specifically tailored to a driver’s weaknesses. Taking the same courses repeatedly is not good enough. Failing to put structured development plans in place for drivers not only increases the risk of an incident occurring but would reflect very poorly on an operator if they were called before a Traffic Commissioner.”

An example of where a repeated course may be justifiable may be when a driver is requested to repeat training as a result of retrain/disciplinary action by the company due to repeated and/or severe infringements.

JAUPT are soon to publish some useful FAQ's on their website.

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