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Bradford CAZ Update

I've heard a variety of erroneous impressions of the forthcoming Bradford CAZ recently, including some colourful personal opinions as you can imagine!

Still, some confusion remains and many operators are still burying their head in the sand and not getting to grips with what they have to do to avoid hassle at a later date, so here's a few factoids:

Exempt vehicles - Euro 6 - from '14 plate onwards although it's possible to check the reg. plate for compliance on

Charges - these are daily per vehicle (not per visit) and are £50 for HGV and £9 for vans

Boundaries - the ring road, including Canal Rd & Keighley Rd, Shipley & Saltaire (see below) Signposts warn drivers when they are about to enter the CAZ and it will begin by entering the road network within the CAZ by pinging ANPR cameras on the existing network.

Start Date - April 2022, sorry I can't elaborate on the precise date.

How to pay - you can set up an account online via Bradford Council website (TBC) or via The payment window is 6 days before or after the planned visit by a particular vehicle. Operators making several trips into the CAZ with different vehicles are strongly advised to set up an account and upload all relevant vehicle registration plates.

I will post an update regarding the (currently shelved) Leeds CAZ in due course, which is earmarked for 28th September.

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