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Audits....a necessary evil?

Your business may be in the position where the Traffic Commissioner has attached undertakings or conditions to your licence as part of the regulatory process.

A common undertaking is to have an independent audit of your compliance systems completed by a deadline. Industry bodies charge hundreds of pounds for this to be done, and if you run a larger fleet, perhaps several thousands!

Bearing in mind that this is non-negotiable, you would want to know that you are getting value for money and not being taken advantage of. There are many providers who charge significantly less than the well-known industry bodies, but some are better than others and the quality of product can vary widely.

We understand your position and can help. With a breadth of industry experience helping hauliers and transport companies across the North of England, and 2 decades of previous experience in enforcement and the civil service, we're acutely aware of what's required.

So if it's a quality piece of work you need without too large a shunt to your bank balance, get in touch for a quotation today at

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