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Leeds Clean Air Zone (CAZ)

An issue causing more than it's fair share of concern for hauliers and HGV operators is the looming Leeds CAZ.

Much of the published material is derived from the consultation process, so it appears no final decisions have been ratified by Leeds City Council, but below we can provide an up to date summary of the relevant points of the scheme;

Boundary - The Clean Air Zone (LEZ subject to daily charge to enter) is the area falling within the Leeds outer ring road - A6110, A6120 & M621, A61, A63 to the M1/A1 link south of the city centre.

Emissions standards - Euro 6 are exempt, non-Euro 6 vehicles will be subject to £50 per 24 hr period valid from the payment being made.

Relevant exemptions - vehicles <3.5 tonnes, private cars, electric vehicles and non-road vehicles (plant and maintenance vehicles, however this is yet to be confirmed)

When? - From 6th January 2020.

Enforcement - via camera/ANPR technology linked to the payment system, as for most tolling systems for the road transport industry.

Please follow the link to the detailed expandable map:

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