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It's good to Torque!

A re-torque is standard procedure after wheel removal by a maintenance or tyre fitter. Usually a static re-torque is performed after around 30 minutes of fitting, and the fitter should give a ticket....but it doesn't end there.

A re-torque is necessary, usually after 50 miles/80km of normal driving....and it's the operator's responsibility to get this done.

The nuts should be secured/torqued in an oppositional manner, to the manufacturers recommended setting. Bridgestone have an excellent free app available to give the torque setting for virtually every model of truck on the road!

The procedure should then be recorded in writing and made available to any authorised requesting officer, maintained for a minimum 15 months.

It never harms to perform random checks of torque as part of the Transport Manager's compliance checks, and this is done for all our contract clients.

Have a written re-torque procedure on file and follow it, and I'll guarantee you the wheel will not come off!

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